Superbowl LIV The Rock x ON

Superbowl LIV The Rock x ON

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Opens The Big Game in the Cloud X

The Rock chose the right shoe for his high-energy introduction of the teams in the final game of the American football season, taking to the stage
in the Cloud X

The culmination of the American football season is one of most watched sporting events in the world. With a TV audience of around 100 million viewers, plus live streams and social media coverage, you’re talking about a billion eyeballs on the 'big game’. 


Tasked with getting this huge audience hyped before the game was 
Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson who stepped out to introduce the teams wearing the Cloud X in White | Black. 

“This has happened to ON before when Roger Federer, Olympic marathon legend Tegla Loroupe, Will Smith and many other personalities were first spotted in On shoes that they bought themselves. 

“Like the other seven million ON fans worldwide, they must love the unique feel you get from our patented Swiss technology to decide to wear them at public events.”


“We didn’t gift the shoes to him and were not prepared, so the ON server had longer loading times for several minutes,” On Co-Founder David Allemann said.
The details are what set the Cloud X apart. Dual-density sockliner, seamless shoe tongue, and new-generation inner materials set a new bar for comfort that can't easily be seen - but definitely will be felt.