New Balance x Modern Fashion

New Balance may look like a regular sneaker brand

to many people who are not familiar with its history. The NB brand has been linked to style and even street culture. With hip-hop artists and now modern era rappers adopting the brand as part of their staple wardrobe more eyes are landing on the humble shoe maker than ever.


Jack Harlow, the Kentucky-born rapper has made his love and affinity apparent for the brand. Shouting out New Balance on many occasion and representing the brand like a true supporter. Harlow stated the 990 as his go-to model and favorite silhouette for any shoe ever.

 Lil Uzi Vert shouts out his longtime appreciation for the brand in his song "Canadian Goose" as being a lover of the classic 990 model.

Many people view Kanye West as a modern fashion icon with his own collection Yeezy and collaborations with adidas as well as always being ahead of trends. What many don't know is that the Yeezus icon sported New Balance sneakers well before his sneaker deals or contracts. On his track "Back to Basics", West shouts out the brand.