The Golden Goose Look

Individuality is the only way to truly describe the new collection of Golden Goose kicks. Designed as a tribute to the West Coast sneaker and skateboarding culture, the brand of high quality lace up sneaks is making waves in the high-end fashion world. Distressed and pre-scuffed calfskin leathers, frayed neutral suedes, and the occasional splash of glitter define the Golden Goose look.

Although each collection shares similar patterns and a unified look when paired together, no two pairs are truly alike, with each shoe individually hand-brushed and waxed. The sneakers definitely come with a higher price tag than some other brands, but rest assured, the look and feel sets the tone for any outfit, whether it be casual or dressy, a pair of GG kicks just have that effect!

Over at Addict, we have a special treat for you! We now carry a large collection of the newest releases, including the limited collaboration between Golden Goose and Virgil Abloh: Starter Sneaker x Off White.

: Bill Hansen Luxury Catering and Villa Woodbine


Model 1
: @msdanifoxx
Model 2: @eddy.samy
Model 3: @msallidiener